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A Dance Academy Fan Community

A Dance Academy Fan Community
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This is a community for fans of the Australian show, Dance Academy, airing weekdays on ABC. Anything related to the show or cast may be posted. Please ask permission before posting anything else.

1. All posts must be related to the show or cast. Any other posts must be cleared by a mod first, or it will be deleted.
2. Please clearly label any posts containing spoilers and use an lj-cut. Anything from a show that has aired in the last 2 days is considered a spoiler.
3. When posting icons, do not use more than 4 previews outside of a cut. If linking to a members-only post, please clearly state so.
4. Large graphics, fanfics, lengthy discussions, or any other large item belong behind an lj-cut.
5. DO NOT BASH any actor or other member of the community! Be considerate of others or you will be banned.

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